Monday, June 5, 2017

Life at LSU

Putting our investigators in our brand new area book
(we accidentallymatched/clashed every day this week)

The Plan of Salvation on campus

This cool guy read the Book of Mormon with us!
Y'all, what a week!

Sister Edwards and I were walking out to our car on our first morning here. We were being positive and pumping each other up about the day! Sister Edwards exclaimed, "Adventure is out there!"......and then she slipped on some mud and fell flat on her back. After I knew she was okay we both laughed really hard about it and decided it was the perfect start to our time at LSU together. 

One of these days I'm going to wake up and realize that all of this is a dream. I'm so excited to be serving at LSU with Sister Edwards. I should probably be more nervous to be opening an area where we have no investigators, no area book, don't know how to get around, etc. but honestly I'm way happy and excited to be here. It's cool to be able to start fresh and get the work moving. 

We've had a running joke that we were going to baptize ALL of our investigators this week (because we had none lol). But it turns out Heavenly Father had other plans for us! We ended up finding a good amount of new investigators and actually have some appointments this week. So between that and spending time finding other investigators we'll be keeping ourselves busy. It's great to see Heavenly Father's hand moving the work along. We have nothing to do with it, but He has big plans for LSU. I'm lucky to be here to work hard and see Him work miracles.

Some exciting parts of LSU:
 - We have a bayou right outside our front door
 - It rains every day (I'm in love with the Louisiana summer rainstorms)
 - We taught a lesson to our neighbor. We invited her to pray and she grabbed her scarf and knelt down and did a full out Muslim prayer. It was beautiful and so rad!
 - We were walking on campus and the bell tower went off. Sister Edwards and I looked at each other and wondered why the bell tower wasn't playing hymns! (#BYUproblems)

I love y'all!! Have an incredible week!

Sister Thomas

New Address:
1645 Brightside Dr. #168
Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Wow I'm just so happy to be here

Sister Edwards is SO STINKIN CUTE

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