Monday, June 19, 2017

"Can we be best friends? I don't have any white girl friends!"

Stake Conference yesterday with Elder Parker (Y'all this guy speaks like a baptist preacher and it was just the best thing)

Riding the ferry for exchanges part 2
Hey y'all!!

It was a week packed full of miracles. I am so in awe of Heavenly Father and His tapestry of love and individual plans for each of us. It's incredible as a missionary to get a glimpse of that love and thought He puts into the lives of those I'm serving. I truly get a front row seat at watching the atonement of Jesus Christ change people's lives.

My favorite miracle right now is Alex. To make a long story short we got a phone call from Sister Ory, a member in Covington about our fourth day in the area. She explained that Alex reached out to her son who is on a mission in California. Alex was going through a really tough time and she remembered how happy the Ory's were and recognized the light they had. She recognized that the light they carried came from being members of the church! Because of some hard things that just happened, Alex didn't feel comfortable meeting with Elders. Sister Ory was called us and we explained to her that we had JUST been put into the area! There weren't sisters at LSU before. Again, I am just so amazed at Heavenly Father's plan. There have been so many moments in Alex's life that have prepared her for this moment. We met with Alex this week and she is so ready for the gospel! 

When we pray in specifics, God answers in specifics. Something Sister Edwards and I have started focusing on recently is praying for specific experiences. We'll talk about the people we meet and ask ourselves "What kind of experience should we pray for this person to have?" Then we pray together for them and work as hard as we can to allow it to happen. Heavenly Father is so good and I know He is answering our prayers. The work continues to move forward, one little miracle at a time.

I love y'all! Have an amazing week. 

Sister Thomas

We took a tracting break to take a picture with Mike the Tiger...

 ....and ended up teaching this cute girl about the Book of Mormon! She's excited
to meet with the missionaries in Lafayette and learn more. God is so good!

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