Monday, April 24, 2017

Bloom where you're planted

We found this lil guy while we were tracting

So much love <3

Bailey and Harry Potter

Hey y'all! One of our investigators made us Harry Potter wands on Wednesday so I guess you can say we've had a pretty great week!

It wasn't anything out of the ordinary work-wise. We've been dropping some investigators that aren't quite ready for the gospel yet so we spent a lot of time reaching out to less actives and finding new investigators. Some days got a little long but we decided to have fun with it! We went on adventures along the way and I have been so filled with gratitude for this beautiful world Heavenly Father has given us. 

Here's something that really hit me this week:

"Heavenly Father knows all about you. Your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows perfectly who you are. But..he also knows who you can become. And with that knowledge, he has placed you here. Now - at the exact place and time in which you can do the most good with the talents and gifts He has given you." - Elder Craig C. Christensen

Sometimes I get pretty down on myself thinking about how much I fall short of who I feel like He needs me to be. But in reality, Heavenly Father knows exactly who we are. He knows we are broken instruments but he is a master and can create miracles with our broken selves. We are the pencil and He is the artist. He has given us talents and gifts to bless those around us. As we are humble and willing to follow Him, we will bloom where He has planted us.

I am so happy to be planted here in Chalmette with Sister Pedro. This work isn't always easy but hey, how much fun would easy be? I have so much love and respect for our lil group of branch members and I know this branch will grow. It might take one miracle at a time but I can't wait for the day I hear about the Chalmette ward <3

I love y'all!! Have a blessed week and keep on bloomin'!

Sister Thomas

Our new friends who live next door

Wow we made a lot of friends this week

Wow we made a lot of friends this week

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

I'm in love with Luna, it's fine

Joel Cardenas made us a cake!

Our pal Gordon we met outside our apartment

Good news: I'm staying in Chalmette with my fave Sister Pedro for another 6 weeks! I could not be happier. Sis has become one of my best friends and we are so happy to keep working together. It was a long week, but it was so good because we kept each other happy and positive. 

I am so thankful this is Heavenly Father's work. Because honestly I have no idea what I'm doing. It's cool to be able to just give my heart to Him and leave it in His hands. I've been thinking about that a lot this week. It takes a lot of stress off of us! If we are willing to open our mouths and share the gospel with everyone, we will be led to those who are prepared for it. Sometimes it doesn't happen when we want to and sometimes the people we want to be ready aren't quite there yet. But that's okay. Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us :)

I seriously love y'all so much. I hope you had a rad Easter! Have a bless'd week, friends <3

Sister Thomas

WWII museum with Kenner sisters

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Living Christ

 Leonard is helping us teach our new investigator Bob

Our attempt at an "airplane cake" for Elder Stewart's funeral (He's going home)

Our attempt at an "airplane cake" for Elder Stewart's funeral (He's going home)

Exchanges with cute Hermana Banner
Hey y'all! It's been a crazy week. We're waiting for transfer calls but we're about to head to a museum so I'll have to fill y'all in next week. Hopefully Sister Pedro and I both stay in Chalmette :)

·         "I put some holy water on the flowers. That stuff works better than miracle-gro!"
·         *closing prayer in gospel principles* "And Heavenly Father, please knock some sense into Chucky before I get home and do it myself"
Last week during General Conference I felt this crazy prompting to memorize "The Living Christ". I got really excited about it and took some time to memorize it this week. And wow, there is some serious power in this testimony of the apostles. There was one moment where I was reciting the words and staring at a picture of Jesus Christ and it was one of the moments in my life where I have felt closest to my Savior. I add my testimony to those of the prophets and apostles: Jesus Christ lives. He is as real as you and me. He doesn't just watch us from a distance as we go through stretching experiences; He is right there with us if we allow Him to be. He is my best friend and I am so thankful for all that He has done and continues to do for me. 

So take some time to read "The Living Christ"! I promise it is worth it. This week leading up to Easter is the perfect time to focus on Jesus Christ. He lives and because He lives we have hope and we have peace. I love y'all! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Happy Easter! 

Sister Thomas 

I <3 the Carrolls

My Opelousas Fam came to visit! I <3 the Nations

Shoutout to the best/craziest branch mission leader

Monday, April 3, 2017

"Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are"

Singing at the Civil Rights Workshop at University of New Orleans

P-day at the Aquarium

Trying to blend in with the rest of the fish

General Conference is kind of like the Super Bowl for missionaries. Like I get waaaay happy when it comes around. This conference did not disappoint! I hope y'all took the time to watch it this year. I'm excited to reread everything and be lifted and inspired again. Words just can't describe the peace and joy i felt as I listened to our prophet and other leaders of the church speak.  

This week was crazy busy and full of surprises! Sister Pedro and I went to our first MLC this week and the spirit was so strong. We were both pretty nervous about the idea of instructing the NOLA zones - we've never done this before. But after MLC we were confident that the message we were teaching was what our zones needed so we stopped thinking about ourselves and worrying about us teaching and focused on others and the message they would be receiving. Moral of the story - when we can refocus and turn outward with faith our burdens are lifted!

Sis and I got asked to pull together a musical program last minute again (this seems to be a theme lately haha) so we rounded up some missionaries and sang at a civil rights workshop last Saturday. It was actually really cool - a bunch of students from colleges all over New Orleans met at UNO for a political discussion and they decided to start the discussion with music and prayer. I love the rich spiritual beliefs in the South!

a favorite conference quote: "Brothers and sisters, we live in a mortal world with many songs we cannot or do not yet sing. But I plead with each one of us to stay permanently and faithfully in the choir, where we will be able to savor forever that most precious anthem of all—“the song of redeeming love” [Alma 5:26; see also Alma 26:13]. Fortunately, the seats for this particular number are limitless. … “Come as you are,” a loving Father says to each of us, but He adds, “Don’t plan to stay as you are.” We smile and remember that God is determined to make of us more than we thought we could be. In this great oratorio that is His plan for our exaltation, may we humbly follow His baton and keep working on the songs we cannot sing, until we can offer those “carol[s] to [our] King” [Hymns, no. 227]."
Elder Jeffrey R Holland

I love y'all!! When there are days that you just can't sing another note, stand close to Jesus Christ. He has perfect pitch and His voice will carry you through. Keep trying, keep loving, and keep singing. Have a bless'd week!

Sister Thomas

Julie was so excited to get this sombrero for her birthday lol

I made a new friend in the French Quarter today!