Monday, July 31, 2017

God is in the details

Last hugs at the airport. (we'll be back to pick her up next week)

The Elders left us these kind notes and their hammock for us to borrow!
We are lucky to be surrounded by so many good people
Heavenly Father takes any darkness and fills it with light. This has been so evident to us this week. 

Our week started off pretty normal. We went on exchanges with the Plaquemine sisters from Tuesday to Wednesday and did some great contacting with them at free speech alley. Late Wednesday night is when things got a little crazy. President Varner called us around 10 pm and asked us if we would come to the mission home. A sister in the mission who Sister Edwards is close to had a family emergency and wanted Sister Edwards to be there. So we grabbed a couple things and rushed over to be with her. 

It's amazing to me how Heavenly Father is in all the details of our lives. Just a week earlier Sister Edwards had the thought to ask missionaries who were close to this sister to write encouraging letters to her. She gathered them up and Sister Varner was going to give them to the sister at her zone conference, which would be the six month mark of her dad passing away. So when we met her at the mission home after she received news of a couple more deaths in her family she was able to read these sweet letters from people who love her. Heavenly Father knows exactly what he's doing when He prompts us to do good things.

Y'all, this sister is a warrior if I've ever seen one. She is so strong, so good, and has so much faith. We ended up staying with her the rest of the week and she was a literal light. I've never seen anything like it. The spirit was noticeably strong around her and it was almost as if we could literally see the Holy Ghost lifting her to comfort her and answer the prayers of all who were praying for her. She was actually glowing. 

We took her to her zone conference, the temple, back to her area to pack, and tried our best to love and serve her. There honestly wasn't a whole lot we could do for her except love her and be her friend. We definitely told her a lot of dumb jokes haha. But Heavenly Father took the best efforts of everyone around her and magnified it to fill her hard moments with light. I know there were angels, seen and unseen, surrounding this sister. I feel so blessed that Heavenly Father allowed us to be there with her.

"Sometimes God calms the storm....sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child"

I love y'all! Please keep this sweet sister and her family in your prayers. Have a great week!

Sister Thomas

We made a new friend at the red cross office

Our lil toothbrush party in the church bathroom! We left our toothbrushes
at the mission home so our ward fam came in clutch and helped us out

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