Monday, July 24, 2017

Love is who we are

MLC with the Varners

Nathan will be so proud of this p-day activity

Hey y'all!

We had a roller coaster of adventures this week. The great thing about being companions with Sister Edwards is that even on the downs we're still working hard and laughing and having a ton of fun! Some of our adventures this week include:
·         Sister Edwards picked the lock on a gate with a Plan of Salvation Pamphlet. We had an appointment and needed to get in so she made it happen! She says it may have been the proudest moment of her mission #theLordprovidesaway
·         Nerf gun war with the BR fam
·         Tried something new and played the ukulele at Free Speech Alley! Sister Gelwix gave us the idea. It was cool how the music brought the spirit and completely changed the atmosphere on campus. I'm excited to see how well this works when the semester starts up again
I don't think I've shared much about President Varner and his wife. They are amazing. I love how President Hansen was exactly what this mission needed during the time he was here and President Varner is exactly what this mission needs now. Heavenly Father sure knows what He is doing when He calls our leaders! We had an incredible MLC (mission leadership conference) this week where we were able to discuss the needs and future of the mission. I love President Varner's vision. He wants us to be one big family, one big team, and he is really trusting us to make decisions based on the spirit. I've loved the opportunity to work so closely with the Varners during this transition period.

This week I've been studying a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It's more than following Him. "Genuine discipleship is a state of being" - Elder Hales. We serve, we love, and we lift not because it's "our job" or because it's what we're "supposed to do"; we serve and love and lift because it's who we are. Love is the highest level of obedience. I've found that when I obey out of my love for the Savior I am happiest, regardless of outside success or pressures. It just feels good!

Now that doesn't mean I don't get disappointed or down. I'll be real, some days can be pretty tough. But there is an overriding feeling of peace and joy through it all and I know this is lasting happiness. Heavenly Father's plan is so good y'all!

I hope you have an incredible week!

Sister Thomas

Tracting and sweating and sweating and tracting

Birthday shout out to Mom and Dad! (V's parents had birthdays this week too!)

Sister Edwards looking a bit mischievous after picking the lock

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